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Tarrant County - Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington - Square Footage Measure Inc - the best way to get your house size / square footage in DFW. OFFICIAL SKETCH for square footage - We send a state certified appraiser company employee out to measure your house the appraiser way. House size measurement in Grand Prairie, Euless, Hurst, and Burleson. ANSI 765
Appraiser way to measure my house. Measure House and provide official sketch of house size in DFW. Home measuring in Fort Worth, Dallas, and Arlington metroplex.
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Measuring with ANSI Z765
How do appraisers in Texas determine square footage / house size?
Texas Appraiser companies all have their own tools to measure for square footage. Appraisers are required to employ the ANSI Z-765 measuring standard when measuring dwellings to determine square footage. In general, the estimated habitable square footage of a home conveys the
vented/ air-conditioned area within the structure. The estimated habitable square footage includes exterior building material, but dismisses unfinished areas, areas that are not attached, and areas open to the outside. Minor variances in the calculation of gross living area may occur among dissimilar
appraisers owed to rounding discrepancies, different measuring tools, and different methods of handling property characteristics, such as stairways and or fireplaces. The appraiser will utilize his comprehension of common appraisal practices in the State of Texas to reach the approximation of gross living area for the subject property.

      The employee from the appraisal company should perform a good faith inspection of the property in order to calculate the gross living area/ square footage of the dwelling. The home can be measured using a laser tape measure and a fiberglass/steel tape and or measure rolling tape as well as other industry standard measuring devices. The sketch for square footage is not an appraisal or opinion of market value. The sketch for square footage is not a conveyance of the functionality of the subject property, subject property rooms, or subject property features. The sketch for square footage is simply an approximation of the square footage/ gross living area of the dwelling according to the exterior measurements.

      The sketch for square footage is typically restricted to use only by the Client who hired the appraisal firm to perform the drawing/ drawings. No effort should be made by the measuring professional to match municipal records of square footage or correlate with square footage previously found in subject property listings. The sketch for square footage is unique to the date which the residence measurements are performed.
Why do people buy square footage measurements from Square-footage.com ?
Clients hire us Due to square footage discrepancy concerns, due to confusion about a garage conversion or add on to a home, as a pre-listing tool, or even to distinguish doubt or uncertainty about house size.

How to Stair Cases contribute to square footage in North Texas? 

We do count the entire staircase as gross living area when measuring the second level according to the ANSI Z765 standard. I do count the area calculated by measuring the entire perimeter of the first level minus the garage only as gross living area. Therefore, all staircases and the area/space underneath them count as gross living area for the first level only, and each staircase counts on the second level. Open to below areas are omitted. The state of Texas does recognize the ANSI Z765 measuring standard for appraisers. Basically each appraisal firm measures to the standard using their specific measuring tools.

I measure the houses utilizing the same method always, and the question of handling staircases, fireplaces, and other property features often comes up. Another appraiser very well may measure using a slightly different tools (laser compared to tape measure.) The square footage of a dwelling is always calculated using the exterior measurements of the construction material.  Hope this answers the 'Realtor" question of how to handle staircases, and we hope this provides some clarity for you folks' sellers/buyers.

Right now architects, builders, Lenders, and appraisers are using the ANSI Z765 standard measuring practices in the state.